Monday, 23 January 2012

General Basics For Windows 7 An Overview

Hi, Friends this is my first post,Hence I will start with the basics,well if you are working or operating your PC having windows 7 then its going to be easy for you as windows 7 is the perfect and well designed operating system for home users and expert users. Now in this post i will show you some very basic functions and features of windows 7.

First The Desktop View...

Well This View Is From Desktop Having Resolution 1920x1080p , One thing you have to kept in mind that the Larger the Screen Resolution the larger the image and finally the larger the size.

Well In my Blog i have used a feature that you can view them more closely by clicking then..So its better to closely look them and see the features,

Now we will see the basics of my computer drives that is how they look in windows 7 and features.

In windows 7 there is a completely new look of drives,Drive size can be increased or viewed differently.As you can see from the pic above there are several options on the right hand side that have EXTRA LARGE ICONS,LARGE ICONS,Medium Icons etc. through these option you can see your drive Either large, List , Grid or any other view as simple as possible..

Well there are three drives you can see in my computer its nothing but basically use of Virtual drive software's, Generally these software's makes a genuine new virtual drive in your computer and through this you can mount ISO files that will work like an original drive without inserting any CD's or DVDs in the drive, How simple is that.

Now In Other Post I Will Tell You Which software's Features Will be Best suited for you to perfectly handle windows 7 and work along with it smoothly..


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