Tuesday, 24 January 2012

How To Use Paint In windows 7-Basic Instructions

We All Know that Paint is important whether to create a simple Drawing or Basic Coloring , Cropping Images, re-sizing,Watermark or any thing.Its a handy tool or you say a time saving tool to create a quick Picture through windows 7 and its free as it is embedded in the windows 7..

Lets see How to open it and its basic features..

First Go to your Desktop and Click START

Now After Start Type in This Term "Paint" as you type windows search index quickly search what you type and then provide you the result of Paint shortcut

Go Ahead and click on Paint option and after then open it.

 So Here is a Pic of paint which you will see in the windows 7 paint version.Basic Good Looking perfect and Loads With Features.
I Had assign several numbers to the features in the paint see it in the pic and below is the brief of every number..

So Here we Start

1. it comprise of tools SELECT, CROP, RE-SIZE etc , these are manipulation tools For Crop just take your pic after then Select certain portion and after then simply click "CROP" and that's it your image will be easily cropped with selected portion.

2. It comprise Cut,Copy,Paste Tools,simple feature just click cut if you have selected some region (Basically you can use Ctrl+x) to cut from the keyboard keys after then For paste just Right Click and paste or use CTRL+V from keyboard and everything will be pasted and for copy use CTRL+C from the keyboard.

3. Then Comes Color panel in this panel there are variety of colors which you can use on your pic select from variety red,blue,green etc

4. Selected color panel here the current color you have chosen is set out giving you an Idea which color you currently going to apply.If you selected RED then it will show you color 1 as "Red".

 5.  Is Size of Text What you are using when you click size panel then it will give you certain lines in increasing width down the order just select how thick you want to write and game on.

6. Shapes..basically shapes are useful in many ocassions like to describe important thing then you can use right arrow or left depending upon you after then you can use circle rectangle or any other shape to describe figures or to give important update anything..

7. Tools. in this you will get a eraser whose size can be increased through size panel, "A" Text which can be used to describe your Text and certain font family is given to describe that,Then a magnifier to magnify or paint bucket to fill color etc

8. Work area given to you which have a good width and can be re-sized according to your desktop width.Here you will work create or do any silly things :).

9. Resolution Checker .. It will give you a good view that how big is your pic in term of resolution. Like 1280x720 or 800x600 moreover if you want to crop your image to ceratin resolution then it will hep you to cut or crop properly..

10. Slider.. it helps to reduce or zoom image view sometimes large pics in small resolution computers are not properly seen and goes out of focus hence in that way just use this slider to left and then see you image perfectly..

Hence these are the Basics Features of PAINT Provided in windows 7 which are provided in order to give users a good platform to work easily and efficiently ...Go For Next Time You work on Paint Then Use these all Points and work effectively on Paint tools..Have a nice day..God Bless All!


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