Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How To Install Extra Fonts in Windows 7

Well Everyone like new Fonts beyond the default fonts provided by windows 7. So in this article i will try to clarify you that how you will install extra fonts or you can say new fonts in windows 7..

So to start i am using a Font Called "Deco Italic.ttf" (Please be careful for the extension)

well i have download it from a website, you can search it on Google and use any font what you like .

Now just follow these pics to install it in windows 7.

First as usual go to Control Panel.


Now under this you will get some further options just click on FONTS options as to install font we just need that..

You will get this window when you click fonts...now i give you a simple way to install font and that is just DRAG and DROP...just forget other methods

Hence to do this just see below pic..

In above picture i have just drag the FONT file into the FONT window of control panel and boom its installed How simple is that....

Now to check whether font is copied or not you can see it in Microsoft office..

As you can see my name is printed in Deco Style Font...Hence in this way you can easily switch and install different font in windows 7 but beware don't install too much fonts as it can slow down your computer...


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