Sunday, 5 February 2012

How To Add Extra Virtual Ram in Windows 7 using USB Drive

well this feature is quite old and i think most of you may know this..

Its called ReadyBoost, A feature shows up when you plug your USB drive into PC

Basically Readyboost just speeds up your system by utilizing the free space in the USB drive hence little but somewhat it helps to increase your ram but actually it doesn't count in the main properties of Ram or Task manager..

lets take an tour of "How to use ReadyBoost through USB"

for this first you have to plug your USB into PC it may be 1GB,2GB,4GB,8GB etc
but don't think that if you plug high size USB as its not gonna help you that much as by basic theory of computers Every motherboard have some capacity to handle limited amount of RAM hence more usage than limited power its not gonna help and will be wasted...

So plug your USB in my case its 2GB Kingston pen drive..

A basic USB having 2GB space and NTFS formatted Don't worry about NTFS and FAT32 fundamentals i will write interesting articles later on...

Now you will see an option highlighting just above General Called "ReadyBoost" click on it.

now after this you can see three options

Don't use -   remove readyboost feature
Dedicate- dedicate some space
Use this Device - use it for Extra Ram

Just click the third option i.e. Use this device.
One more thing when you use your USB as a speed up ram it basically consume some space in USB according to you are allocating, and this space will be reserved and can't be used till the USB is free up from the same computer by turning off this feature.

After using this function i am selecting about 1.7 GB out of 2GB, Technically i can give you a hint that it will create some sort of cache memory which speed ups some sort of data transfer so try to give about 1.7GB and GB around from 2GB and 4GB pen drive and don't try to give more then 6-7GB to this as it will be waste because your motherboard will not accept it may not give you result.

So just plug it use it and feel some difference.


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