Saturday, 28 January 2012

How you can make a bootable Windows 7 USB Drive

In this article i want to tell you that how you can make a Bootable Windows 7 USB drive.

Sometimes it happens that you want to fresh install windows 7 and your DVD drive is broken or don't have a DVD hard drive and have a USB port only, then in those cases you will need this kind of process of making a bootable windows 7 usb drive.

So How To Make it let us Discuss it....


1. USB Download tool For Windows 7
2. A USB Drive
3. A 4GB Minimum USB
4. Configure Boot Menu To Choose USB Instead of DVD Drive Initially.

So Let get started..

Basically we use USB because USB have a pretty good transfer speed of data transfer hence instillation of windows 7 through usb can be useful and it somehow become fast...hence it is preferable to install windows through USB.

First or Normally you will get this tool when you will purchase windows or its utilities from Microsoft Website..

Well this Tool Names "Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool" is basically very good tool provided by Microsoft Store and it quickly Make a Bootable USB And Free From Any Crc Error etc.. So its better to use this tool.
So to Get Started you should DOWNLOAD this tool .exe file from Microsoft Website and Install it with Accepting its User License.
You can make it install on the computer which you later installing your windows or you install it on other it doesn't matter..

Now First it is Important that you should have an ISO file of the windows DVD...
Now After that when you run the software above it will prompt you to give the path that where the ISO file of the windows 7 is hence just browse your drive where the ISO file is located and select it..

Now this step is simple i.e. Just choose the media type and click USB device instead of DVD..

Now Step 3 In this it will prompt you to know to which USB drive you want to Boot So simply locate the USB drive and Click Begin Copying.

Well if you get this kind of Warning then it is possible that your pen drive or USB drive is not empty or having enough space left to copy the Windows iso file hence its better to erase the whole data or copy it to other drive on your hard disk..

Hence your Booting is created And You will get a fully functioning Bootable USB drive ready to rock...

And Before installing Make sure your booting Device is set to USB rather then Hard disk or DVD drive so that it will start installing windows form Bootable USB when you boot your computer.

So in a simple way you can easily Install your windows in a portable,easy,simple  and fast way,Isn't it great!


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