Thursday, 26 January 2012

Solution To Common WinRAR Files Problems

In this article i would like to discuss some common but interesting solutions for WinRAR Compressed files.

1. Problem of Wrong Password in WinRAR Compressed Files..

Well we all know winrar is used to compress files so that size will become less and less chances of corruption of large data or easy to upload or transfer withour getting defective by viruses..

Some time user like to apply a password to these compressed files so that it can prevent it from unknown person or due to some privacy.

So some time while entering the password to unlock those RAR files often results in wrong password or other problems.

It occur due to several issues.

i) Sometime user Copy paste the password to unlock the file
ii) Or user Copy side ways or along with password some extra spaces and paste it due to which winRAR count spaces and result in errors.

Take a look on these pics

I had 2 Rar File of a folder name "Solution" and Password i set to them is "123" and now when i try to copy paste the password to the rar file If i made a mistake like these i.e. either copy " 123" or "12" like that including spaces or missing the letters then surely i will get error that WRONG PASSWORD something..

But sometimes Exception May occur i.e. You copy paste exactly "123" hence you might think what wrong is that?

But Wait Some times it occurs due to some mis matching problem in winrar database hence to fix it or applying password differently

that means write with your own hand as it will remove every misconception in mind that whether this password is fully Right or Wrong!

Hence Next time you get a mess about wrong copy paste of password then at least give a try to write the password manually as it is the best way to apply password to WinRAR files...

2. Wrong Sequence of Extracting of WinRAR files

Now we see the Solution of winrar wrong password now let see about sequence...

Well i must say this problem is faced about millions of people Who download through IDM or any other download manager.

Let Us Closely see this Pic Below Remember see the extension of the files properly..

Below is the Right Sequence of Rar Files...

Below Is the wrong sequence of Rar files

What actually happen when You will Extract The Above Two Pics files?

Answer is One Get Extracted And other Fails..

Strange isn't it?

Well It due to automatic sequence Recognizable technique of WinRAR i.e. it see the sequence like "part1.rar,part2.rar,part3.rar" and so on...But seeing this it get a clear idea that which file is going to be next extract hence quickly and easily extract them..

But when you give a wrong sequence or due to some problem of download manger our rar files get a distracted sequence...

Like Part1.rar and instead of part2.rar it actually get a sequence of Part2_2.rar

hence when winrar extract those sequence of rar files it will return you this kind of error..

  Well we can't say its an error...Basically when you extract a wrong sequence winrar files like part1.rar and part2_2.rar

winrar extracts part1.rar easily but when it expecting the part2.rar then it will get an part2_2.rar hence it gets confused and return you an path view to locate the part2.rar due to which you get confused that what is going on?

Hence Good solution of this problem is to rechange or rename the File extension like this

Part2_2.rar to Part2.rar

hence by doing this winrar will easily locate the second part and extract them easily and will provided you the best result..

hope you get and idea that what are the common problems of winrar..Stay tuned for new articles till then have a nice day..


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