Tuesday, 14 February 2012

How to Format USB drive through Command prompt

Well its a simple process and only take same time as normally right clicking on USB flash drive and click FORMAT.

basically we use a "format" command in command prompt which helps us to format the USB drive without opening it which helps us to remain safe in case of any Virus or Harmful process that can be automatically started whenever any infected pen drive is attached to a healthy computer.

Now first plug in your USB flash drive in your PC and note its directory name like in my case its "KINGSTON (J:)"

my kingston pendrive is of 2GB and have directory name J:

now start your command prompt

i.e. Start>type cmd> cmd opened

now type these line one by one-

C:\>cd Windows
C:\Windows>cd System 32
C:\Windows\System32>format j:
// format is the command used to format the drive and (j:) is your directory of USB flash drive or you can the location of the drive

After this it will ask you
Insert new disk For drive J:
and press ENTER when ready....
//don't worry just hit enter

After this it will begin its process of formating it may take 1 minute or some more

So just sit tight and wait till its completed.

After then it will ask you for
Volume label(11 characters,ENTER for none)?

//this time just give whatever name you want to shown on the USB flash drive and hit enter after then your pen-drive will be full formatted and now you can easily put anything in it without any harmful virus worry...


Mohamed Sanfar Abdul Najeem said...

when i tried to format by using command promt..."Invalid media or track 0 bad - disk unusable "...this is the thing that i cant format.. what shall i do?

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