Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Basic & Advance ways to Free space and speed up Windows 7

Well, No one like sloppy, erroneous, buggy windows.So, today I will provide some basic and advance ways to cope up with this slowness effectively.

Starting from the basic.

Well Slowness may cause due to extensively use of windows over past few months,year which cause too much junk in the windows temporary files, memory and registry files. Well we can cope with temporary files easily but for memory and registry files we need some software's or windows feature to cope with this situation.

1. Locate Windows 7 Temporary Folder

Well to locate windows temporary folder you need to put this url in your windows address bar or just go to my computer and put it on the top of address bar.

Url is:-

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Temp

or you can go to this destination by command prompt..

In the command prompt type ECHO %Temp%.

After going to this location you see variety of folders, like this


You can see there are lots of folder down there,these folder eventually created due to continuous use of  browsers, software's, software files etc. Due to which excess and unwanted files created.

Hence when you find number of folders in this temp folder this means you have lots of unwanted materials to get rid with, Hence you can delete all the folders from this temp folder to get rid of this junk files and ease some load from your computer.

2. Empty your Recycle Bin.

empty recycle bin to speed windows 7

Recycle bin created to trap all those files which are accidently deleted, hence sometimes it contains large amount of files which occupies large amount of space and slows down system. How? as recycle bin space is designed by sharing some amount of space from your hard drives which eventually share space of your C: drive also in which if installed windows 7 will act as primary memory hence occupying that space and increase in size of that recycle bin will take some more space from other drives also which in results slows down your PC just for nothing but some long used undesired trash hence emptying recycle bin will help.

3. Using Windows Defragmenter 

Well Windows 7 also provide basic feature to use drive defrag, Well its a basic tool which just Defrag your Fragmented drives, Now you all hoping what is FRAGMENTATION?.


Well In technical ways there are two types of Fragmentation in Computer science
1. Internal Fragmentation
2. External Fragmentation

Well i will not go in to the deep but give you a simple clue about this you will easily figure it out :)

Suppose you have a 2 Boxes which have a capacity to handle 10 items each, and suppose we have two items pack of 8 each and we have to fit these pack to fit in those boxes,Since pack is of 8 items and it will only be possible to fit it in 1 pack of box only which have the capacity of holding 10 items hence the excess of 2 items which can also be filled in that place cannot be filled as due to the restricted size of that item pack create fragments, which can be used but can't.

Hence to remove this problem we had to use a software that re-config  the allocated space among the files helps in increasing the lifetime and speed of the drive and eventually windows.
Just Schedule it one a month, It will take time but it surely increase your speed.

4. Use Msconfig. To Start and stop several service and StrartUps

Well this is my favourite as it doesn't require external software but just basic talent.
To open Start up task and service of those tasks you need to use command "Msconfig"
Like this


When you run it the a window will appear like this

stopping_ unnecessary-startup_time_for_windows_7

Just click The Start Up tab and it will display your list of tasks or processes which are going to be started when your PC will start, the more tasks in this list the slower your computer startup time, Hence you can exclude some of your necessary taks by clicking the taks in this list which saves your boot time.

Moreover you can stop some unnecessary services also by clicking services tab


 But remember to tick HIDE ALL MICROSOFT SERVICE at the bottom as it is necessary to tick it to avoid unexpected shut-down of essential Microsoft services, after you tick it you will get normal installed processes services some are stopped some are running choose according to your desire and stop it, well you can run it again by same procedure so don't worry.Stopping un-necessaries service will help your computer to work faster.

5. Use Advance Methods

Well some of the scenario like registry files memory free through tasks are better possible through the help of External software's.

You may use some of the software's like

1. Tune-Up Utilities
2. C-Cleaner
3. Choose Antivirus with total Protection as total protection features will eventually consist of Tune-up features.

Using these software' you can easily control your process memory, delete necessaries junk files and help your computer to perform faster.

Hence my friends you can easily control the slowness of your pc by taking these steps and trust me guys it will work effectively.Hope you liked my article seya..


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