Saturday, 11 February 2012

How to take System 32 files ownership windows 7 advance features

Well today i will show you how to take ownership of your windows 7 System 32 files.Well its looks simple but somehow if any wrong moves occur then it will create serious problems which may end up in system unexpected behavior or ultimate CRASH!

So lets get started....

Well to take ownership i will use a file named "ExplorerFrame.dll" and show you that how to take its ownership..

so first of all locate "ExplorerFrame.dll" file in System32 folder in C drive.

like this in the pic above,well i had applied feature of show file extensions that's why this System 32 file shows a .dll extension for everyone.

now what we will do to is just right click on this file and then click properties.

now after opening properties just click on security tab,ou will see Group or user names list.

here we can see "SYSTEM" "Admin(AAkansha)" "Users" and "Trusted Installer" now these user names were created and have some privileges offered. well here our Pc name is "AAKANSSHA" its my sister name so what we gonna do is to just give "AAKANSSHA" every privilege to do anything with this system 32 file.

so now what we do is just go to Advanced option.

now click the owner tab above ..

now click on edit.

now select "Administrators(your username)" and click OK.

now it will prompt a dialog box just click ok.

now go back to properties again.

Now instead of SYSTEM click on Administrators(your username) and then click EDIT

and then again select Administrators(your username) and click Full control it will give you full control over the file..

then click OK and its done! i know its little bit complex but its worth and nice trick also.well now you have taken the ownership so what you can do is:-

1. Copy it anwhere
2. cut paste
3. copy replace
4. Modify

almost anything , so taking ownership is getting everything over file so please keep this process in mind every time when you want to take an ownership over the file Good luck Enjoy!


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