Thursday, 30 May 2013

Run as Administrator Command in Windows 7 ways to use

In my previous article I write about System 32 file ownership which describes about the administrator privileges to handle System 32 files modification.But in this article about the basics of Administrator Command of windows 7 for application other than System 32 applications.

Run as administrator command windows 7

Well "Run as administrator" Command feature introduced in windows vista and continued in windows 7 also.Its basic purpose is to run the application with full administrator privilege.It is necessary for particular applications because at the time of installation windows 7 basically apply administrator privileges to some files of application which resides in system 32 folder as a result if you run your
application normally then somehow it will start but due to the necessary files which require privilege won't run and your application may stops unexpectedly or even won't run.It is even worse in Windows Vista you have to run maximum application in Run as Administrator and even still some application failed to response,due to which lots of questions arises on windows vista administrator problem due to which they corrected some problems in the next version of windows called windows 7.Now, In Future if you find error while installing your game or application or even running them like this "Administrator privilege needed" Then its better to right click your application launcher and select "Run as Administrator Command" surely your administrator privilege problem will be solved.

How To Apply This?

  • Run this Command through keyboard :- Press and hold Ctrl+Shift while opening the program. If prompted by the UAC, then click on Yes to apply permission to allow program to run with permission as Administrator.NOTE: If you are doing this is while logging in as the standard user instead administrator, then you will need to provide the administrator's security password before program will run as administrator.

  • Run this Command Through Right Clicking your File (Context Menu) Like .EXE file, BAT file, CMD file, or MSI file, and click on Run as administrator. See above.

ways to turn on run as administrator command in windows 7

  • Run this command as from Pinned Program on Taskbar  Right click on the icon of the pinned program on the taskbar to open it's Jump List. (see screenshot above). In the Jump List, right click on the program's name, and click on Run as administrator. (see screenshot below)

  • Run this command using Compatibility Mode Right click on the program shortcut or application .exe file, then click on Properties, and on the Compatibility tab. (see screenshots below)NOTE: If you are doing this is while logging in as the standard user instead administrator, then you will need to also check on the Change settings for all users button and type in the administrator's security password.

  • Run this command using Advanced Properties Right click on a shortcut that you want to run as administrator, and click on Properties. Click on the Shortcut tab for a program shortcut, then cllick on the Advanced button. (see screenshot above).After then window will appear with Check box "Run as Administrator" click this check box to always run that application as administrator and if you don't want this then uncheck it.

Hence in a simple way you can easily switch your application to full privileged administrator,Also Comment if you want to do it manually in registry editor,I will tell that additional procedure also.


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