Wednesday, 25 January 2012

How To Shut Tasks or Processes In Task manager in Windows 7

Windows Task Manager

Well Windows Task manager is very crucial and important tool which handle your windows tasks,allocates memory to them,records their activities,allocates CPU to the tasks and much more....

Its a good habit to Put or Pin your Task manager icon to the task-bar which gives you portability to switch Task manager at any time and watch the performance.

Well today we see how to shut tasks and some other features of Task Manager..

First see This Pic below and see the No. of Tasks which are going on process..

Well Currently there are 5 Tasks going on in Task Manager. As you can see i had given them numbering 1-5

Let us shut the Video Folder process..
For This we have to select that process and select END TASK.

When you Click END TASK You will Prompt windows by this sort of message "Did you really want to stop this task  OK or Cancel" Chose OK and your process is Terminated Immediately

it is useful in many Cases, Especially in hang or Clash Situations then Task manager is a great savior as it shut down immediately hang applications which free up Important Ram or memory of computer to do other processes smoothly.

Now You want some more Advance feature you can shut Task by seeing their services just head to second tab along with applications in Task manager called "Processes"

I like windows features because they are so simple and give you less headache to do work or take decision with less effort..

hence if you see from above applications Task Names and task descriptions are given in details.. hence you want to turn them of you can see the description and take your decision without any difficulty..Hence it is fairly easy to shut down any windows task quite easily through Task Manager.

Hope you Enjoyed this Article Stay tuned for more..Have a nice day.


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