Tuesday, 24 January 2012

How To Snap your Own Desktop Picture With Simple Click

Now We Have learnt About basic features of PAINT in windows 7 now lets use this feature to do a simple trick ...

That is we are going to Snap Desktop or taking a pic of desktop without using a camera How cool is that?

Snap of your desktop or document or any movie motion or scene or any thing that you want to snap and want to save on desktop for further records or anything you just need a Keyboard key press..Just See this pic..

How To Snap your Own Desktop Picture With Simple Click
I am using Onscreen Keyboard Pic you can Easily turn it on in Ease Panel Of Control Panel...Closely look in it You will see a "Prntscn" key it is basically print screen key you can see it on standard hardware keyboards..Right Side of f12 key ..

Whenever you want to take a snap of your document or any motion durint action pack movie just simple Click this "printscreen" key and bang your picture is captured. Know you have taken a click of your document or movie but question arises where is the pic...

Here is the answer the picture you have taken is still in Computer memory and need to be use in Paint to finally analyse and Convert in printable picture..

Here is the screenshot of my desktop..

How To Snap your Own Desktop Picture With Simple Click

Normal pic of my desktop first I go to Desktop Click the "Printscreen" key after then i opened paint
after then Ctrl+v To paste the pic image as it is present in computer memory after then i had cropped it to remove task bar to get cool wallpaper..

Isn't it simple and cool as You can get a wallpaper or any important information in the form of pic..which you can use later as a backup.

Stay tuned for more Articles like these as after these basics i will tell more advanced and good features of computer and windows 7..


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